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Expat Services Relocation Sàrl - another vision for tomorrow


For more than 20 years Expat services has provided its expertise to expatriates coming to live in Geneva, across the Lake Geneva region and in neighbouring France on behalf of large businesses, multinationals, banks and international organisations.

Our expertise is a guarantee of quality and professionalism for any relocation project you may have.

Our strong points ?

  • personalised service 
  • dedicated point of contact
  • real desire to build customer loyalty 

For all information, contact our team on +41 22 920 12 12.

Our role

Support international businesses in the relocation of staff.

We offer our customers a comprehensive range of top-quality relocation services with the help of our professional network of partners and providers. In order to guarantee that expatriates and their families settle into Geneva in a stress-free and time-saving manner, we will ensure that:

  • we are on the case as soon as they arrive in Geneva so that they don't waste time looking for somewhere to live or getting lost in administrative hassles.
  • we help the spouse and the children to integrate by responding to all their questions so that they do not suffer any "culture shock".
  • we guarantee saving time and money for the parent company by using our skills, know-how and contacts on behalf of their employee.

Our customers

We are very active in the relocation field on behalf of large businesses which open up or transfer their HQ to the Geneva area, throughout the Lake Geneva region and in neighbouring France. So we provide them with active logistical support in the mechanics of the transfer, as much for the benefit of the businesses themselves as for their employees.
We work for a variety of companies in the following areas :

  • Multinationals
  • Food industry
  • Cosmetics and perfume industry
  • Electronics industry
  • Oil industry / trading and exploitation
  • Investment banks and companies
  • Diplomatic missions
  • International organisations (UN in particular)