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Private schemes

Our private scheme is designed specifically for individuals wishing not only to make use of a service which comprises the search for a place to live and support for their application to local estate agents but also to take advantage of administrative assistance (work permit, insurance, etc...)

For private individuals, we offer a competitively-priced private service comprising:

  • the search for a place to live and support for your application to estate agents
  • administrative assistance (work permit, insurance, etc.) at a competitive price for private individuals

We offer 2 options:

Accompanied property search
The property search consists of identifying, deciding and finding properties according to personal information gathered via an individual questionnaire.

Our involvement covers the following services :

  • Defining the specification of the apartment searched for - for example, by sending an identification survey.
  • Picking up the client at their hotel or place of work in order to visit the properties
  • Visiting the properties selected with a consultant.
  • Issuing the rental request and creating an application file with a view to securing the property.
  • Following up and negotiating the application with the estate agent or the owner.
  • Analysing and verifying the lease prior to the client's signature.
  • Assisting with the check-in inventory (surveying and inspecting documents)
  • Assisting in the issuing of public liability insurance in case of need

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